About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Who are we?

SYSTEMIT GROUP is a young company which has been started years ago as a one man business in IT Freelance.
Now we are building a company towards the future.
Feel free and join us to a journey of a higher level in Technology, Business & E-commerce Solutions.

Our Mission?

Our company is a technology and business company committed to bringing the best possible solutions together for our customers and suppliers around the world.
Our mission is to be a topplayer on the E-commerce Business with our several professional webshops, our Webdesign Agency and our Freelance Consultancy Agency which has a lot of knowledge and experiences in ICT & Cyber Security...

What we Do?

Our company is active in the following sectors:
IT Consultancy & Support, Technology, Electronics, Webdesign, Webshops, Social Media, E-commerce, Value Added Reseller, Distribution of (new innovative) products...

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